The Art of Tailoringーテーラリングの革新

The Art of Tailoring - Tailoring Innovation

SEIJI ARIE presented tailoring with origins in equestrian and aristocratic culture at the Vancouver Fashion Show.

By reimagining historical patterns, ARIE brings newness to classic tailoring constructions, with a simple look.

ARIE believes that quality tailoring can instill confidence in those who wear it.

ARIE's tailoring is inspired by equestrianism - elegant, light and active.

Inspired by the aristocratic and equestrian culture of the 18th century, ARIE's tailoring is different from what is common today.

The jacket has a structured yet formal feel, creating a curvaceous and elegant silhouette.

The jacket features an hourglass silhouette with a voluminous chest and cinched waist.

In addition, the gentle shoulder line gives you a relaxed feeling without straining your shoulders or elbows.

Layered style with jacket and vest – a structured look inspired by menswear.

Designer Seiji Arie dreams of people walking confidently in this kind of tailoring.

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